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In October 2002 Grigor Vladimirov  participated in  the second  conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice “Restorative Justice  and  its Relation to  the Criminal Justice System” in  Oostende, Belgium

In September 2003 several  members  and  fellows  of the  Institute   took part  in the International  DIKE Seminar “Protection and Promotion  of Victims’ Rights in Europe”,  Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon, September 2003


In  October 2004   several  members  and  fellows  of the  Institute   participated in  the Third  conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice “Restorative Justice in Europe:  Where  we are  heading?” in  Budapest, Hungary


In  September 2005 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova took  part  in  the 5th  Conference of  the  World Mediation  Forum  in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Presentation of the conference paper, Crans-Montana, 2005


Dobrinka Chankova and Katina Kljavkova with the newly elected President

of the World Mediation Forum Juan Tausk


     In  December 2006  on the  invitation  by the  Finish  Ministry  of  Justice  Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Dobrinka  Chankova took  part  in  the  seminar “Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation in Europe: Overcoming  Obstacles  and  Strengthening of  Networking”.  The seminar took place in  Helsinki,  under the  auspices of  Finnish  Presidency of the  EU. Some  important  and  urgent    issues  of  RJ developments  in  Europe were  discussed.


In May 2007 the  ICR  Chair Assoc.Prof. Dr.  Dobrinka Chankova took part  in the  conference “Young  People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia:  From Policy  to Action”, organized in Rome, Italy,  by the World Bank. The  results of VISTA Project  have been  presented.



The Workshop and the Round  table discussion on perspectives of  mediation in penal  matters  held in  Sofia  on  13-14 December 2007 passed with a  great success. The  two  events  were a  common  project  of   the  National Association  of  the Mediators- a  umbrella  organization, the Union  of  the  Bulgarian  Jurists and the  Institute of  Conflict Resolution. The  fora  were   sponsored  by  the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument  (TAIEX), DG Enlargement  of  the  European Commission and  the  “Institut Francais”- Sofia. The project   is a part  of  the campaign for restorative justice and victim-offender  mediation promotion,  in  compliance  with several instruments  of the EU, Council  of  Europe,  UN  etc. More  than  80 representatives  from  the Ministry  of  Justice, Ministry  of  Interior, judiciary, NGOs, practicing mediators, researchers  from Bulgaria  and  abroad  took  part  in  both  events.


A  training  seminar  on legal  regulation  of  victim-offender  mediation was  organized on  13 December 2007. Leading experts from abroad- Dr Martin  Wright from De  Montfort University-  Leicester, UK,  Mr Julien Lhuillier from the University  of  Nancy-  France,   expert  at the Council of  Europe  and  Mrs  Veronique Dandonneau from “Citoyens et Justice” (non-for-profit  organization) - France did  a review of  legislative  provisions of  mediation in  penal matters in some European and other countries as well as of  the strategies and approaches for legislative regulation of mediation in penal matters.


A Round  table  discussion was organised  on 14 December 2007,  with the  involvement  of  Deputy-minister  of  Justice  Mrs  Sabrie  Sapundjieva - a proved  friend  of mediation.  She  cordially welcomed  and stimulated  participants  for active  work for  the  establishment of  mediation in  penal  matters in  the  Bulgarian legal system. A  key paper  on the  International Instruments on Restorative Justice was  presented  by Assoc. Prof. Dr  Dobrinka Chankova  from the Institute  of  Conflict Resolution. Mr George  Bakalov-  attorney  at  law  and  practicing  mediator,  from  the  same Institute, commented the  findings  of  several  surveys  on the  applicability  of  mediation  in penal  matters in  Bulgaria.  In  the  followed  lively discussion, skilfully moderated  by   Mr  Jossif Geron-   Chair  of  the Board of the  National  Association  of  the Mediators,   the  draft  concept  for legislative regulation of mediation in penal matters in Bulgaria was presented  and  discussed.  The  concept  was approved  and will  be  send  to  the  Ministry of  Justice  and the National Assembly. 


Both  events marked   positive  developments  in  the policy  and professionals’ attitudes to mediation in penal  matters  and  raised optimism  for  its  future  in  Bulgaria.


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        On 20-21 May 2008 Bulgarian-German Mediation Conference took place in Sofia. The  conference was organized by  the  Ministry  of  Justice of  the Republic of  Bulgaria  jointly with the Ministry of Justice of Rheinland-Pfalz Province  and  the  National Association  of  Mediators.

The first  day of  the  conference focused  on  mediation  in penal  matters. Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Dobrinka  Chankova presented a key  paper  on  needs  and opportunities of restorative justice  and  victim-offender mediation. Drafts for amendments  to  the  Penal Code  and Penal Procedure Code  aiming  introducing  of VOM  in Bulgarian  criminal  justice system were discussed  and  received  wide  support by  the  attending judges, lawyers, public prosecutors and  other  professionals. The proposals de  lege  ferenda  were  developed by  a Working group affiliated  to the  National Association of Mediators and  chaired  by the  distinguished university Professor  Dr.  Margarita Chinova.

Mr. Klaus Puderbach - Chief Prosecutor of Mainz-  spoke  about  the  best  German practices of  VOM. The  possibilities of VOM in the custodial settings  were discussed  as well.

       The  second  day  of  the conference  focused  on mediation in insurance.



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