Institute of Conflict Resolution

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The Mission of the Institute of Conflict Resolution is:

1.      Promotion of resolving social, intercultural, interpersonal and other conflicts by legal methods and in a peaceful manner.

2.      Developing and offering of innovative methods for resolving conflicts, based on the culture of dialogue and in accordance with the European and world standards.

3.      Cooperation for international exchange of information and mutual help when resolving conflicts.

4.      Stimulation of research and of adopting legislation about more efficient methods resolving conflicts.

5.      Development of ethical and professional standards and assisting education for resolving of different conflicts on the base of dialogue.

6.      Prevention of potential social, intercultural, interpersonal and other conflicts.

7.      Strengthening civil society and stimulating European integration.

8.      Offering  and accomplishing initiatives   for  enhanced  protection  and  control on  observing  human rights

9.      Generating legislative proposals and  undertaking practical measures for protection  of  children,  crime victims, refugees, migrants   and other  vulnerable  groups

10.  Promotion of  Mediation, Restorative Justice  and Restorative Practices

11.  Commitment to establishment  of new  models  of juvenile  and  child-friendly  justice

12.  Social  mediation,  actions for strengthening of  civil society  and counteraction to  crime and  all forms of  violence

13.  Active  cooperation with European  and other NGOs

14.   Strengthening of democracy



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