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2.06.2024. The 12th international EFRJ conference "Just Times: Restorative Justice Responses in Dark Times" - Tallinn (Estonia),  29-31 May 2024 ,



24.02.2024 The Institute for Conflict Resolution and the Center for Mediation - Vratsa held training in Vratsa on the topic: Communication and conflict resolution through modern mediation techniques.

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EU Victims’ Rights Campaign


I recognise the victims of crime,

I understand what support is available and

I am ready to help them.




1.02.2024 A new joint article by Prof. D. Chankova and Dr. Valmora Gogo has been published: "Does Society Nurture a Sense of  Victimhood? Bulgarian and Albanian Discourse".  Balkanistic  Forum, 2024,   Volume 33, Number 1, pp.72-90.


Happy International Restorative Just week -19-25 November 2023!

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3.11.2023 Moments from the Final Round Table on the project "Open about mediation - mediation for the benefit of the community".

1   2 (1)

3   4

5  6


20.10.2023 The Final Round Table on the project "Open about mediation - mediation for the benefit of the community" of NAM, with the active participation of the members of the ICR, is coming up.


On 22.09.2023, the National Association of Mediators, in partnership with the “Lozenets" District of Sofia Municipality, organizes outdoor events on the topic: "Open about mediation" under the project "Open about mediation - mediation for the benefit of the community". The project is implemented with the financial support of the "Europe" Program 2023 of the Metropolitan Municipality.


Открито за медиацията -(1) (1)


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4.07.2023  ICR members meeting with Dr. Valmora Gogo from Albania, with whom we are carrying out a research project on crime victims.

IMG_20230704_142431   IMG_20230704_140622


29.06.2023.  ICR members took  part  in the  International  Conference: “Judicial  Mediation in  Europe and the  USA: Key  to  Settlement of  Pending  Lawsuits”. 



On 28.06.2023 at 14:00 an online press conference was held in connection with the launch of a project on the topic: "Openly for mediation - mediation for the benefit of the community". The project  starts on June 15, 2023 and  ends  on November 15, 2023.


21.05. 2023. On 20.05.2023, a Balkan conference was held in Sofia on the topic: "New standards in mediation". The conference was organized by the National Association of Mediators and was attended by mediators, legal professionals, scientists, non-governmental organizations, etc., engaged in the cause of mediation in the country, as well as representatives from Serbia, North Macedonia, Lithuania. Members and friends of the Institute for Conflict Resolution actively participated.

The purpose of the conference was to provoke a public and professional debate on current issues of the theory and practice of mediation as an alternative way to resolve disputes. A special emphasis was put on the  recently adopted with amendments to the Law on Mediation  and  other laws mandatory mediation in pending lawsuits. Other innovations in the training of mediators and the organization of mediation were also discussed. The first Mediation Ambassador Awards were presented to prominent professionals, supporters of mediation, as well as to students who won prizes in the essay competition on "Mandatoriness, Voluntariness and Awareness in Mediation".

See the conference programme.


conf title   Prize

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N&V   coffe


10.03.2023 The Declaration approved by the participants in the Round Table held on 20.02.2023 in Sofia, on the occasion of 22 February - the European Day for Victims of Crime, was sent to the interested institutions.


22.02. 2023  On 20.02.2023 in Sofia, on the occasion of 22 February - the European Day for Victims of Crime, a Round Table was held on the topic:




The Round table was organized by the Institute for Conflict Resolution. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interiors, UNICEF-Bulgaria, non-governmental organizations involved in the matters, the academia, and magistrates actively participated. This diverse lineup provided a different perspective on the issue, and this was greatly appreciated by those present. The Bulgarian National Radio and the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency covered the event well. Both the achievements of legislation and practice and the unresolved problems identified by science and established in recent sociological surveys were presented. A particular emphasis was put on the necessary legal changes to better protection of the rights of victims, incl. through restorative justice practices, improving their standing in the criminal process and services for them, the specifics of victimization in cybercrimes, hate crimes, human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual harassment, as well as the need for training in Victimology and Restorative Justice for students and the practitioners. The necessity for new approaches in institutionalization at the national level was also discussed, for example, by establishing a special coordinating body - the Commissioner for Victims, which would be a unifying centre for organizations and institutions that are fragmented in their actions. The need for more intense international cooperation was also noted, including the formation of a Bulgarian section of the World Society of Victimology. All agreed that proactive actions and consolidation of efforts to support victims of various crimes and other events are needed in accordance with European and global standards. It was decided to create an informal network of all interested parties with a view to future joint actions. The conclusions and proposals from the Round Table discussion will be referred to the Parliament, the interested institutions and organizations.






20.01.2023 On the occasion of 22 February - the European Days for Victims of Crime,  the  ICR is organizing a Round table discussion on the theme: "VICTIMIZATION AND VICTIMS OF CRIME: CHALLENGES FOR  THE LEGISLATOR, PRACTICE, SOCIETY".

More  details soon.


18.01.2023 Translated into Bulgarian by UNICEF Bulgaria as a result of a need identified in the Round Table discussion organized under the project "Encouraging the development of restorative practices in criminal proceedings", No BG05SFOP001-3.003-0112-C01/19.02.2021, under the Operative Programme “Good Governance” 2014-2020, implemented by Prison Fellowship Bulgaria - Community for Conciliatory Justice are:

Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes, UNODC, 2nd ed., 2020 

Manual on Restorative Justice Values and  Standards for Practice,  EFRJ, 2021


26.11.2022    We celebrated International Restorative Justice Week with students.

RJ week students

18.11.2022  Training of Mediators

мед 2

30.09.2022  The final result is ready - a comparative study "NON-CUSTODIAL SANCTIONS AND MEASURES IN THE MEMBER STATES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION" on a project in which ICR participates.

17.06.2022  Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova participated with a report on "Cybercrime, victimization and the role of e-evidence for victims' protection" in the 17th Symposium of the World Society of Victimology, June 5-9, 2022 in San Sebastian, Spain. During the symposium was the promotion of the new journal "Global Advances In Victimology And Psychological Studies", published by Jindal Global University - India, which  her article "Latest European Achievements and New Challenges in Victimology and Victim Protection. Towards victim-centered criminal justice system”.

IMG_20220606_084634 6-22-1

IMG_20220607_161551 6-22-2

24.08.2022 A Problem Map of Restorative Justice in Bulgaria was developed, under the project "Encouraging the development of restorative practices in criminal proceedings", No BG05SFOP001-3.003-0112-C01/19.02.2021, under the Operative Programme “Good Governance” 2014-2020, implemented by Prison Fellowship Bulgaria - Community for conciliatory justice and with the participation of experts from the ICR.


16.05.2022  A conference on "Mediation in communities - between theory and practice" was held under the project "Promoting the use of mediation in Sofia Municipality,  Lozenets district". It was attended by lawyer Georgi Bakalov and Prof. Dobrinka Chankova.


03.05.2022  The new issue 1/2022 of the magazine "Legal Tribune" was published, dedicated to mediation in the communities, with the article of the lawyer.Georgi Bakalov “Introduction of mediation education in secondary schools. Pros, cons and difficulties.”


29.04.2022  A map of the Active Mediation Centers was published under the Project "Promoting the Use of Mediation in the Sofia Municipality, Lozenets District".


Med centers


22.02.2022  European Day for Victims of Crime






20.12.2021   Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova took part  in  the  International conference “Constitution-Making and Democracy in Troubled Times” in  Thessaloniki,  Greece,  and accomplished a STSM in the  frames of  COST CA 17135  “Constitution-making and  Deliberative  Democracy”  Project.



17.11.2021 International Restorative Justice Week, November 21-28, 2021. Crime victim on focus!




24.09.2021 IV National Conference on Restorative Justice "Legitimacy of restorative thinking in Bulgaria - transformation of communities, institutions, organizations" - online, November 19-21, 2021. More information at


27.05.2021 A new project "Promoting the development of restorative justice practices in criminal proceedings" with the participation of experts from the ICR is launched.


22.02.2021  European Day for  Victims  of  Crime




4-5.02.2021 An online workshop "Protecting the rights of victims of anti-LGBTI hate crimes: innovative methods through restorative justice" was held, organized by the international consortium LetsGoByTalking, with the active participation of ICR members. The Handbook on the potential of restorative justice in hate crimes was presented.





8.12.2020   ZOOM party on the occasion of the 20- anniversary of the  EFRJ. A memorable Jubilee Magazine was published with an article by Prof. D. Chankova in.




15-22.11.2020   International RJ week



5.10.2020. With a decision of 18.09.2020 of the Management Board of the Foundation "Training Center for Lawyers "Krastyu Tsonchev" Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova was awarded the Jubilee Medal "15 years Foundation "Training Center for Lawyers "Krastyu Tsonchev" for her contribution as a lecturer for raising the qualification of Bulgarian lawyers and for establishing high professional and ethical standards in the lawyer's profession.

Medal  UDOST


11.09.2020  Prof.  D. Chankova will  present  a  paper (in co-authorship) "LEADERSHIP   AND  DELIBERATIVE  DEMOCRACY IN  THE  CHANGING WORLD: COMPATIBLE  OR  RECONCILABLE  PARADIGMS?" at  a conference  in  Bangkok, Thailand.


11.08. 2020  A Book of the Mediator was published as a result of the project "Increasing the capacity of  training organizations trough development of Standards for Mediators training".

Mediation-book (2)


2-5.06. 2020  Conference "Restorative Justice - now  and  here"




4.06. 2020  Workshop "Profession MEDIATOR"




22.05.2020  Online presentation of the UNODC Handbook of Restorative Justice Programmes, 2020



13.04.2020.Irene Sagel-Grande, PhD, the Institute  of  Conflict Resolution's  partner in some projects, has published a book - "Urban Living at the Beginning of the 21st Century in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Vienna", Antwerpen-Apeldorn: Maklu, 2020, the result of the European project "Insecurities in European Cities ". In it, she expertly and accurately analyzes the problems of crime, prevention, victimization and quality of life in big cities, with a vision for the future. Congratulations, Irene!


 Irene_Grande1     Irene_Grande2


10.04.2020.The new book by our colleague and friend Daniela Bolivar,PhD  in  Criminological sciences, from Chile Restoring Harm: A Psychosocial Approach to Victims and Restorative Justice (Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice), 2019, presents an extremely interesting look at Restorative Justice.


Daniela book


17.03.2020.  TV interview of  attorney-at-law  Georgi Bakalov - Deputy ICR director and National Association of Mediation chairman for Mediation in  a State  of Emergency.


14.03.2020 The Institute for Conflict Resolution received a letter of thanks from the Municipality of Vratsa for the successful joint work in the training of mediators and the promotion of mediation in the region.

thanks  letter


22.02.2020 The  Institute  of Conflict  Resolution marked the European Day  for  Victims of Crime, focused on  hate  crime  victims.




20.02.2020 The Institute of Conflict Resolution participated in the Mediation Information Day in Vratsa. Emphasis was placed on mediation in schools. The certificates of the recently trained mediators were handed over.


IMG_20200220_124815 IMG-0525cb53080a5785409ba0ee4c8fb66e-V IMG-19b2e859faaf39557dde5f98e21d8979-V


IMG_20200220_125107 IMG_20200220_125156 IMG-9ce4d674e40ddae919826d64bf14155d-V


01.02.2020 Forthcoming 17th International  Symposium of the World Society of Victimology- 6-10 June 2021, San Sebastian, Spain.

More info:


6.12.2019 The book  "The Praxis  of Justice" Liber Amicorum  Ivo Aertsen  -  one of  the doyens of  Restorative  Justice  in Europe- has been published. More  than 30 researchers from  the  whole  world,  Prof. D. Chankova  included,  shared  their  impressions  from  the   common  work   with  this  exceptional colleague  and  friend.


Liber Amicorum


21.09.2019  Forthcoming conference  of  the  European Forum of Restorative  Justice.


 More for the  conference here.  



31.05-01.06.2019 A conference on "Geography of Restorative Justice" was held in Sofia on the initiative and with the active participation of representatives of  ICR.




26.01.2019 Forthcoming  RJ Symposium.


18-25.11.2018   The  International Restorative  Justice  Week  2018  was  celebrated  with many  events. Most  significant from them:


Screening of  the  EFRJ  movie "Еxpanding Restorative  Imagination"    with  students  from  South-West  University- Blagoevgrad.


IMG_20181106_112925_HDR_1n   IMG_20181106_112555_2n


IMG_20181106_115252_HDR_3n   IMG_20181106_115319_HDR_4n


Round  table  discusssion  in  Sofia for  policy-marers  and practitionners  about  the  new  Council  of  Europe  Recommendation  abour  Restorative  Justice  in  criminal  matters.


DSC_0108n    IMG_20181123_114415n


IMG_20181123_114456n   IMG_20181123_114823n


27.09.2018.  As a follow  up activity  of  the  conference  "Re-thinking  Crime and Punishment"  held in  April 2018, in Sofia  District Court was  presented  the  movie

"A  Conversation", produced by  the  European  Forum of  Restorative Justice.




16.06.2018 In the period 10-14 June 2018 Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova took part in the 16th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology on "Victims and Victimization: Towards International Victimology", which took place in the Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong.The Symposium is organized by the World Society of Victimology along with City University - Hong Kong. This is one of the most important forums in the matter, subject to teaching and research, as well as important for  justice. It is held every three years and gathers leading scientists from all over the world. More than 260 scientists and practitioners from over 40 countries participated in this forum. It went on a high level, providing extremely innovative information and documentation.

A joint  paper on "Electronic evidence - an instrument in favor  of victims of online crime" was  presented and was welcomed very well. An online publication will be prepared. Prof. Chankova  delivered  a lecture  at  16th Asian postgraduate  course  on Victimology.


IMG_4889   IMG_4996


30. 05.2018  Annual Financial  Report of  ICR for 2017.  / 1, 2, 3 /


27-28.04.2018  At the University Center in Bachinovo,  Blagoevgrad,  was held a National Conference entitled "Modern Mediation - Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives in Bulgaria", hosted  by the  South-West University "N. Rilski" - co-organizer  jointly  with the Supreme Bar Council, the Association "Lawyers for Legal Culture and European Cooperation"-Blagoevgrad, the National Association of Mediators, the  Institute of Conflict Resolution and other interested organizations and institutions.

The conference was attended by the  Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva, the Chairperson of the Supreme Bar Council Ralitza Negentzova, representatives of the Supreme Administrative Court, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, mediators, representatives of the academic sector, non-governmental organizations, students and others.

A guest was Mrs. Maria Oliveira -  Council of Europe expert on mediation issues.

The conference discussed the current state of mediation in Bulgaria and the possibilities for legislative changes in order to improve the functioning of the judiciary through its wider application. The prospects for the development of the criminal process in Bulgaria were also presented in order to emphasize the needs of the victims of crime by applying the methods of restorative justice. Experiences and solutions  in leading European countries have been explored. The outcome of the conference is a final document, which will be sent to all the institutions involved in its development.


IMG_4817   IMG_4801   IMG_4810


21.04 2018.  A conference  "Re-thinking  Crime and Punishment" was held in Sofia. The main focus was the problem of restorative justice, to which ICR representatives have been involved for a long time.The conference discussed the state of play of Restorative Justice practices in Bulgaria.

In addition to participants from interested organizations from Bulgaria, the Skype conference brought together well-known European experts on restorative justice - Dr Borbala Fellegi - Foresee Research Group, Hungary and Belinda Hopkins - Transforming Conflicts, UK.

The participants united around the following main issues and measures for the development of restorative justice in Bulgaria:

- Undertaking joint actions and joint advocacy campaigns to develop modern national regulatory legislation

- Amendment to the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure with a view to introducing mediation in criminal cases

- Speedy adoption of the Children's Justice Act which regulates restorative justice practices

- Amendment to the Penal Execution and Detention Act with a view to applying restorative approaches

- Creation of a National Platform for Restorative Justice to promote and develop the Restorative Justice philosophy

- Working with the academic community and integrating restorative justice into university programs.

A final document was adopted in that spirit, which will be sent to all relevant institutions.


IMG_4775  IMG_4778  IMG_4791


18.03.2018 National  Mediation “Re-thinking Crime  and  Punishment”. For details  see here!


04.02. 2018 National  Mediation  Conference  with  the Institute  of  Conflict Resolutions  involvement. For details  see here!


24.11. 2017 Mr. George Bakalov- Deputy-Chair of theInstitute of Conflict Resolution, made a presentation during the conference: Children’s rights. Children-participants in legal procedures, Sofia.




21-22.11.2017 Traditionally, ICR jointly with South-West University “N. Rilski”, celebrate International Restorative Justice Week. This year the following events were launched.

1. Information campaign with the title “RESTORATIVE JUSTICE –AN INSTRUMENT FOR IMPROVED PROTECTION OF CRIME VICTIMS” was organized at South-West University – Blagoevgrad and District and Regional Courts and Bar-Association - Blagoevgrad. Informative materials were distributed.A short animated movie about RJ benefits was shown.

2. FILM SCREENING of “A Conversation” movie took place at Law Faculty. More than 30 students attended the event followed by live discussion. The screening is a part of the EFRJ campaign.

3. A large scale public discussion with participation of Prof. and Mr. George Bakalov about mediation and restorative justice was organized at District Court - Blagoevgrad. More than 50 magistrates, lawyers, representatives of the public institutions and students expressed their positive attitude and readiness for action in favor of mediation and restorative justice.


IMG_3846_N IMG_3847_N IMG_3852_N IMG_3854_N

IMG_3859_N Capture66_struma.bg_[1] Capture67_struma.bg_-765x510[1] Capture69_struma.bg_[1]


15.11.2017 On the occasion of the Days of mediation organized by the Regional and District Court Blagoevgrad and Bar Association- Blagoevgrad, by special invitation students from Law and History Faculty, studied Alternative Dispute Resolution discipline, presented a simulation of mediation on family dispute, with elements of commercial dispute.
The demonstration in front of the specialized audience, citizens and pupils passed very successfully and the students were admired for their excellent knowledge and professional skills.


IMG_3822_N IMG_3826_N


23-31.10. 2017 On 27 and 28 October 2017, in O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, NCR of Delhi, India, the 6th International Conference on Victim Assistancewasheld, with the main theme “Evolving Perspectives in Victimology”. The forum was organized by the Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences and the Center for Victimology and Psychological Studies and was also recognized by the World Society of Victimology whose many representatives tookpart in the event. From the Bulgarian side Prof. DobrinkaChankova, PhD participated in the prestigious forum. She presented a paper on “Victims of crime in Bulgaria - between EU law and the daily challenges to the institutions and organizations involved”, which was received very well and will be published. She chaired a scientific session on “Direct and indirect victimization in the family.

During the period October 22 - November 4, 2017, the same university organized the 15th Asian Post Graduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice, in which Prof. Chankova delivered a lecture entitled “Restorative Justice – an Improved Instrument in Support of Victims”, received exceptionally well by the knowledgeable students.
For her participation in the conference and course, Prof. Chankova was awarded honorary plaques for contributions to the victimology and Certificates of Appreciation.


zagl_N IMG_3595_N IMG_3453_N


18.08.2017 Two books were published in the summer, with separate chapters written by Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova. The first is "Global Victimology: New Voices. Theory-Facts-Legislation ", edited by Kirchoff, G., Palit, M. and Sahni, S., published by LexisNexis in India. It contains the study of Prof. Chankova "New Restorative Justice Instruments Towards Youth Crime in Norway", which was the result of a project.

The second book is "Europe in Crisis: Crime, Criminal Justice and the Way Forward", edited by Spinelis, C., Theodorakis, N., Billis, E. and Papadimitrakopoulos, G., published in Greece by Ant. N. Sakkulos Publishers L.P. It includes  an analysis of the author, entitled "Hard Times for Restorative Justice in Bulgaria", for which she was explicitly invited.


global victim   crime-criminal-justice-way-forward


17.06.2017 The  last  training of new mediators was successful !




29.04.2017 The article “Restorative Justice – an instrument for improved protection of crime  victims” by Chankova, D., Anzova, D., Klecherova, M., Mladenova, I. was  published in South African journal JUST AFRICA. All Africa Journal of Criminal Justice. See the  issue.


23.02.2017  Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova took  part in  the  Expert  seminar  for training  of  professionals  on  the  Victims’ Directive,  held  in  Brussels.




22.02.2017  The  International Crime Victims Day was marked  with  students  from  Law  and  History  Faculty,  South-West  University of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.


20170222_101215n    20170222_101234n    20170222_101339n


30.01.2017  European Forum of  Restorative  Justice  Summer School, Como, Italy,  24-28/07/2017


23.11.2016    The International Restorative Justice Week was celebrated  with students.




26.08. 2016  The  paper “Security and Human Rights: Contradictory or Reconcilable Paradigms? State of Affairs in Bulgaria”,  by  Prof. D. Chankova  and G.  Georgieva, PhD,  presented  during KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION  International Conference, organized by Nicolae  Balcesku Land  Force Academy – Sibiu, Romania, 9-11 June 2016 , was published in Conference Proceedings No 2,  De  Gguyter Open,Vol. XXII,   Nicolae  Balcesku Land  Force Academy Publishing House, 2016


07.07.2016 The Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference: ”UN:  Historical Traditions  and Contemporary  Law”, 2-3 October 2015 were published  by University Press “N. Rilski”, with  Prof Chankova’s  article “Towards  Enhanced Protection of Crime Victims”.



25.05.2016  Prof. D. Chankova took part  in  the  training “EU Gender  Equality Law”, organized by  the Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany


20.05.2016  New   article in  the  global database for referencing and indexing of scientific journals Elsevier's Scopus


Николай Цанков's photo.


20.04.2016   Students  from Law  and  History  Faculty, South-West  University “N. Rilski”, studying  Alternative  Dispute  Resolution, developed  3-D informative panel about  mediation !




22.02.2016 The International Day for Victims of Crime Support and the start of the European Year for Combating Violence Against Women were celebrated.


20160224_095018_N  20160224_095101_N  20160224_095321_N


22.11.2015   Prof. Dr Dobrinka  Chankova took  part in the  International  conference “Justice  and  Security  in  Intercultural Europe: Exploring   Alternatives”,  held  in  Leuven,  Belgium, on 16-18  November  2015.




The International Restorative Justice Week 15-22 November was  celebrated  with future  mediators.




19.09.2015 Оn 6th October 2015 in Sofia a conference  entitled "Hungarian  and   Norwegian experience for  application of  non-custodial  sanctions -  new  horizons  facing criminal justice" in  the  framework of  the project  "New European Standards for Application of Alternatives to  Imprisonment"  in  which  the Institute of  Conflict  Resolution is  a  partner,  will  be  held.

See  the  programme.


15.08.2015 A new article of  Prof. Dr. D. Chankova  has been  published: "Combating Trafficking in Human  Beings in Bulgaria: Achievements, Problems, Perspectives", in : Tollefson, T. (ed.) Victimological Advances in Theory, Policy and Services. A festschrift in  honor of  John Peter Joseph Dussich, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, California State University, Fresno, Dumont Printing: Fresno, 2015 


10.06. 2015 In  Contemporary Law Journal 1/2015 was published a  very  positive review by  Prof.  Dr. Sc. Margarita Chinova  of the book: Dunkel, F., Grzywa-Holten, J. and Horsfield, P. (Eds.) (2015) Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Matters: A stock-taking of legal issues, implementation strategies and outcomes in 36 European countries,  Monchengladbach:Vorum Verlag Godesberg, vol. 1-2


28.04. 2015 Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova and the coordinator of the  project "New European Standards for Application of Alternatives to Imprisonment" have  given a  launching  press-conference  in BTA-Sofia.



12.03.2015  Starting  from  today, the  Association "Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-border  Mediation Institute" starts the  implementation of the project "New European Standards for Application of Alternatives to  Imprisonment",  funded  according to  contract № 93-00-133/12.03.2015, Small  Grants  Scheme  of   the Programme BG15 "Correction services including without detention measures" under  the Norwegian Financial  Mechanism 2009-2014. The Institute of  Conflict  Resolution is  a  partner. The total  amount  of  the project  is      113 237,50 BGN,   from  which 101 913,75 BGN  is the  gratuitous  aid from  the  Programme  Operator,  and  11 323,75 BGN  is the  contribution  of  the  Beneficiary. The  project  will  be  accomplished  in  12 months.

Norway Grants Logo

24.02.2015 A new publication with Prof Dr. Dobrinka  Chankova's  chapter:

Dunkel, F., Grzywa-Holten, J. and Horsfield, P. (Eds.) (2015) Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Matters: A stock-taking of legal issues, implementation strategies and outcomes in 36 European countries,  Monchengladbach:Vorum Verlag Godesberg, vol. 1-2

The book  is  a result of  the  project funded by the  Criminal Justice Programme of  the  European Union.


RJ book


19-20.11.2014 Prof. D. Chankova took  part in the final RJE conference which was held at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in London. Prof.  Chankova  presented the final report regarding  RJE project in Bulgaria. She  attended the launch of  RJE book:  Gavrielides, T. (ed.)  A victim-led criminal justice system: Addressing the  paradox , London, 2014, in  which  she  has  a  chapter "More  justice for crime  victims in Bulgaria".


16.11. 2014 Celebration of the  International Day  of Tolerance.




31.10.2014  Prof. Chankova reviewed the book of David Cornwell, John Blad and Martin Wright (eds.) (2013).Civilising Criminal Justice. An International Restorative Agenda for Penal Reform SherfieldGables: WatersidePress. The review was published In Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, October 2014,

4.10.2014   During  the  period  15.09.- 02.10. 2014 Prof. D. Chankova  delivered  course  of  lectures on Restorative Justice in  Karaganda State  University  “Acad. E. Buketov”- Kazakhstan.


30.09.2014   3rd IARS International Annual Conference 2014: A Victim-led Criminal Justice System?  will be taking place during the International Restorative Justice Week 2014, on 19th-20th November in London.This unique event will bring together national and international researchers, policy makers, academics, restorative justice and criminal justice professionals as well as victims and offenders to debate issues surrounding the Victims' Directive, victims' rights, a victim-led criminal justice system andrestorative justice. Findings will be also presented from the IARS 2- year programme Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals. Cutting edge research on criminal justice, restorative justice and victims’ rights will also be presented in 18 workshops delivered by international experts.

More info: IARS Conference 19-20 November.pdf

6.09.2014  Prof.  D. Chankova  has  participated in  the Final Justice Cooperation Network Conference “Re-integration  of High Risk  Offenders”, 3-5  September 2014, Rostock-Warnemunde, Germany, with  a  poster  presentation “RESTORATIVE JUSTICE AND HIGH-RISK OFFENDERS:  CONTRADICTIOUS OR RECONCILABLE CATEGORIES?”  and  promoted RJE Project.


08.07.2014 See the following e-training  courses,  developed in the  frameworks  of  the  project: “Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims and Empowering Professionals”.

19.06.2014 The  Faculty  of  Law  and  History  at  South-West  University “N. Rilski” hosted  training  on  protection of crime  victims’ rights  and restorative justice. The  training  was  organized  in  the  frames  of the  international  project  under  EU “Criminal Justice” Programme, entitled “Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims and Empowering Professionals” and carried  out by scientists  from  academic institutions  from  the  UK, Bulgaria,  the Netherlands, Germany and  Greece.  From Bulgarian side the participant  is  Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova.

During  the project whose  main  objective  is creation of  conditions  for  implementation  of  the Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime,  work  packages  for victims  and  professionals  have been  elaborated. They have been piloted during the training. Guest-lecturers were Ben Lyon and Grace Loseby from Independent  Academic Research  Studies-London - project  coordinator.

The  training was  very  successful  and was  positively evaluated  by  the  participants  who  received  certificates.

Similar training was organized on 16.06. 2014 in Sofia Bar Association with active involvement of  the  ICR  members.

IMG_7185N   IMG_7193N

IMG_7197N   IMG_7218N

10.06.2014  During  the  conference “Children in  conflict  with  law. Reform  of child  justice system in  compliance with the  international  standards   and  the  best interest  of the  child” Prof Dr Dobrinka Chankova spoke  about  restorative  justice  potential.  The  conference  took  place in Sofia  and  was  organized by  UNICEF  jointly  with  the  National  Assembly  and  the Ministry  of  Justice  of  the  Republic of  Bulgaria.

06.06.2014 During  the  round  table  discussion “Forming  of  long-term policies  for  improving crime victims standing”, organized  by  the  Center  for Study  of Democracy in Sofia, Prof  Dr D. Chankova made a presentation “Restorative justice-new  instrument  for  protection  of  victim’s  rights” and   distributed  information about RJE Project.

28.04.2014  The book „Youth  at  Risk. Art, Creativity and  Integration”,   in  which are the  findings  of  АRS Project, with  ICR  members  involvement, was  published. Ralitsa Voynova  and  George  Bakalov  have  an  article  there!


27.04.2014 Two articles of Prof. Chankova were  published  in Greece  in the  frameworks  of  “The  3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe”:

 “Restorative Justice in Bulgaria”, In: Pitsela, A.  and Symeonidou-Kastanidou (Eds.) Restorative Justice in Criminal  Matters: Towards a New European Perspective. Comparative Research in 11 Countries, Sakkloulas Publications: Athens -Thessaloniki, 2013, p. 23-43,  and

“Who is Afraid of Restorative Justice?”  In: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Pitsela, A.  and Symeonidou-Kastanidou (Eds.)  Restorative Justice in Criminal  Matters: Towards a New European Perspective. International Conference, 16-17 May 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece, Sakkloulas Publications: Athens-Thessaloniki, 2013, p.277-280

11.04. 2014  A scientific  session “Right  to  nondiscrimination -  private  law  and  public  law  aspects”  was  held  at  Law  and   History  Faculty  at  South-West  University-Blagoevgrad. Prof. D.  Chankova made  a presentation entitled “Pro  or  contra victim’s positive  discrimination?”

IMG_6776N     IMG_6765N     


07.04.2014  Prof.  Chankova’s  article  “Restorative Justice - a Revival of Customary Law in Support  of Crime Victims”, presented  as   a  paper  at   a conference, was  published  in Bobchev’s Readings: Law Science in  Honour  of Prof. Stefan Bobchev,  University  of  National  and World  Economy, Sofia, 2014


25.01.2014  The  first  results  from the  projectRestorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals -2012-2014 have been  revealed. See:


10.12.2013 At  the official opening  of  Mediation  centre at Blagoevgrad  Prof. Dr D. Chankova spoke about RJ  and  the new EU Victims Directive.


21.11.2013  The  International  RJ week  was  celebrated  with  students  from Law  and History  Faculty  at SWU “N. Rilski”.

IMG_6217_1 IMG_6220_1 IMG_6229_1 IMG_6226_1


17.11.2013 During the training of new mediators the International RJ week was celebrated.



06.11.2013 During the  scientific session “Trends  and Perspectives of  Public  Administration in Bulgaria”  held  at Law  and History  Faculty  at SWU “N. Rilski” information  about Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council for establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime   was  disseminated.



31.10.2013  Meetings  with university professors  and  other  researchers and  practitioners about  how  to  include Restorative Justice  and  new Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council for establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime   in  the  education and  information campaigns have  been  organized.


18.10. 2013 During  the celebration  of  the European Day against Human Trafficking, held  at South-West  University- Blagoevgrad, information about  new Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council for establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime was  distributed.



17.10. 2013 During the Annual Conference of  the Law  Faculty of the University  of National  and  World Economy – Sofia, Prof. Dr. Dobrinka  Chankova  made a  presentation entitled  Restorative Justice - a Revival of Customary Law in Support  of Crime Victims”.



18.09.2013  Prof. Dr. D. Chankova took  part  in  the   International Summer School  for  PhD  Students “The European Union and the Black Sea Region: Challenges and Prospects”  held  in  Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, from 17  till  19 September 2013.  She delivered a  lecture entitled  Restorative  Justice – the New   Perspective of Criminal  Justice in Europe”.

01.07.2013  The  article of  Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova “The  New European Standards for  Rights, Support  and Protection of  Crime  Victims” has been  published  in  law  journal “Society and Law”, 2013, N 4.


27.05. 2013  From 9 till 12 May 2013 in Gdansk, Poland,  Prof. Dr. D. Chankova took  part  in  the  final  conference of  the  project “Restorative justice and  mediation in  penal matters in Europe”,  coordinated  by  the University  of  Greifswald, Germany,  and sponsored  by  Criminal Justice Program of  the  EU. Scholars  from  37 states- members  and  associate  members  of  the  EU, took  part  in  the  project.



22.02.2013  European Day for Victims of Crime!


01.12.2012  The  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution is  a partner  in  a new project titled “Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals”, funded  by the Criminal Justice  Programme  of  the  EU. The  coordinator of  the  project  is Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS)- a leading UK-based international think-tanks with expertise in community-led solutions to crime, such as restorative justice, and  the  partners  are  also: the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration Bremen (Germany), Restorative Thinking (UK), Restorative Justice Netherlands (the Netherlands), the European Public Law Organisation (Greece) and Innokut (Hungary). Associate Partners  from  the  USA, UK, Cyprus  etc.  are  involved   as well. The  project duration is 2 years.


See  press - release.



21.11. 2012  Students  from South-West  UniversityN. Rilski”, by initiative of  Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova,  participated in  the world  campaign  for  marking RJ week- 18-25 November 2012.

    IMG_4731_1 IMG_4737_1  IMG_4746_1


3.11.2012  The  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution  members  took  part  in the  International conference

“European Network for  Mediation”  held in  Sofia  on 1-2 November 2012.

A friendly  meeting  with  the  honorary  member  of  the  ICR Dr  Martin Wright  followed.

     IMG_4649_1 IMG_4612_1 IMG_4660_1


31.08.2012  On  a working  visit  in Sofia were  the  Spanish partners  of  the  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution in  the  frameworks 

of ARS Project.



4.06.2012  From 20 till 24 May 2012 Prof.  Dr  Dobrinka Chankova took part in the 14th World Society of Victimology International Symposium, The Hague, the Netherlands



30.03.2012    Prof. Dr  Dobrinka Chankova - Chair of  the ICR and Mr. George Bakalov – Vice-Chair took  part  in  a  conference  for  promotion  of  mediation  in  Yambol, Bulgaria.



17.03. 2012  From  14 till 16 March 2012  Mr. George  Bakalov- Vice-Chair  of  the  ICR  took  part  in  a  mediation  conference in  Craiova, Romania  and  presented   Bulgarian  achievements.



26.02.2012 The  training  of  mediators with  the  Institute of  Conflict Resolution’s   trainers  ended  successfully.


1.12.2011 The Honorary  member  of  the  Institute of  Conflict Resolution Dr Martin Wright, Silviya Milusheva  and  Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova took part on  25  November 2011 in London in the   workshop  “Perspectives  of Restorative Justice” in  the  frameworks  of “Prisons Week - 20-26 November 2011”.



20.11.2011 The Institute of  Conflict Resolution took part  in the  International  campaign “Restorative Justice week-13-20 November 2011” through lectures before  newly  trained  mediators  and students  from South-West  University-  Blagoevgrad.


IMG_3289N      IMG_3291N


IMG_3338N             IMG_3335N


06.11.2011  On 31 October 2011  Prof.  Dr D. Chankova  took  part  in the  first  working  meeting  in the  frameworks  of  the  project  „The 3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe”  in Thessaloniki,  Greece.




28.08.2011  From 22nd   till 28th August 2011 in Sofia  the  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution  trained  new  mediators.




30.07.2011 A   new   transnational project   entitled “The 3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe” with the  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution  involvement  has  been  launched. The  coordinator  of  the  project is  the Aristotle  University  of Thessaloniki,  and  the  partners  are   research  institutions  and  scholars  from the United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.


 20.07.2011  The  new  book  of  Prof.  Dr Dobrinka Chankova - Chair of  the ICR entitled “Restorative Justice. A  Comparative Analysis” has been  published.




08.06.2011  From 27th  May  till 6th June 2011 in the  city of Burgas  the  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution  trained  new  mediators.






20.05.2011 A  workshop  entitled “Mediation” was held in Sofia on 18-19 May 2011.  It  was  organized  by  the  Ministry  of Justice   and   the  German Foundation for  International Legal   Cooperation (IRZ). Members and  volunteers  of  the  Institute  of   Conflict Resolution  took  part  in  the  workshop.

IMG_2904_1  IMG_2900_1


14.03.2011  ICR members  will  participate  in  the mediators’  training,  organized  by  the  Union of    Bulgarian Lawyers –

1-10  April 2011


21.01. 2011  The  National  Association  of  Mediators  initiates a conference   entitled  “Mediation  and    the problems  of court   and  out-of-court  settlement”   in  May 2011  in  Sofia.


05.12.2010  On December 2nd  and  3rd 2010  in  Paris  the 12th National  Conference with  international  participation of  the  Association “Citoyens et Justice”,  entitled  “Restorative Justice: from ideal to  reality?” took place. The results  of  the  multinational project “Action-Research about availability of  the VOM or  how  to  implement  the  VOM at  the  post sentence stage”, with involvement  of  the  organizations  from France, Bulgaria, Spain  and Italy,  have  been presented.

         IMG_2371_web                         Paris_2_web                


                         The  Bulgarian  delegation to  the  conference


8.10.2010  New publication: Dussich, J. and  Schellenberg, J. (eds.) The Promise of Restorative Justice. New Approaches for  Criminal Justice  and Beyond, Boulder/London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2010

The chapter  ”Mediation: The Case of Bulgaria”  by Assoc. Prof. D. Chankova  is  included.


7.06.2010  Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Dobrinka  Chankova took  part in  the XXVI Postgraduate  course “Victimology, Victim Assistance  and Criminal  Justice“ 10-22 May 2010 at   Inter-university  Centre- Dubrovnik, Croatia,  and  delivered  a lecture  on Recent    Developments  of Restorative Justice  in Eastern  Europe.


28.03.2010  Assoc. Prof.  Dobrinka  Chankova took  part in the  International  conference “Restorative  justice and  Crime  prevention: actors, places  and  policies”,  held  in  Naples,  Italy, on 25-26  March  2010.


26.02.2010   A Working  group  of  National  Association of  Mediators  is  developing  amendments  to  the  Mediation  Act. To  be  continued.

05.01.2010 See  the  paper,  presented  by  Assoc. Prof. Dr.  D. Chankova  on Recent  Developments in Policies Related  to  Crime  Victims  in Bulgaria, 

during  the 13th  International Symposium on Victimology,  Mito,  Japan, 23-28 August 2009


4.11.2009 Prof. Dobrinka Chankova took  part  in the  Transnational Forum “Good  Practices in Restorative  Juvenile Justice”,  Santiago  de Compostela, Spain,  2-3 November 2009



2.10.2009  A  working  meeting  with  Spanish  coordinators  of  the  new  project  with ICR  involvment entitled  “ Restorative  Juvenile  Justice  in the  framework of  the European Union”  was  held  in  Sofia. 



23.06.2009  The  new Family  Code,  regularizing  mediation in  family  matters,  was   promulgated

in State  Gazette  N 47/ 23 June 2009.


16.05.2009  The  project “The School -  a Territory  of  Tolerance”  ended  successfully  with  3  publications. 


02.04.2009 The ICR  Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dobrinka  Chankova had a meeting in Tokyo, Japan,  with the Representative Director of Japan Mediation Center Ms Keiko Tanaka and  the  Director  of  the Executive Office Mr.  Nobuaki Andoh. During  the  meeting different issues  of  common interest  have  been  discussed.



01.04.2009  The  National Association of  Mediators  organizes  a  conference  “Mediation in  Administrative  Proceedings” to be  held on 3 April 2009 in Sofia.


23.03.2009 The ICR  Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dobrinka  Chankova  took  part  in  the International  Symposium “ Globalized  Penal Populism  and  its  Countermeasures”  held on 21 March 2009  in Kyoto, Japan.


07.03.2009   The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  is listed on, the largest free and editable directory of environmental and social justice organizations in the world. Over 550,000 people -- representing 3.7 million page views -- visit the site each year.


See the Institute’s profile:



17.12.2008  The National Association of Mediators  adopted  an Action  plan for  mediation in  administrative  disputes.

More  details  soon. 


27.10.2008   From 24th till 26th October  2008 in the  town  of Pazardjik  the  first module of   training  of  school  staff  on  violence  prevention  in  schools was held. The  training  is  a  part  of  the  project  “ The school - a  territory of  tolerance” implemented  by  the  “Public  Fund” Foundation- Pazardjik   with  the  active  involvement  of  experts  from  the  Institute  of Conflict  Resolution. The  VISTA methodology  was  applied. 


23.10.2008 Assoc. Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova- chair  of  the ICR- took part  in  the  first  meeting  of  the  Management Committee of  the project “Cyberbullying: coping with negative and enhancing positive uses of new technologies, in relationships in educational settings” in the  framework  of COST  Programme  of  the EU. The meeting  was held  in  Brussels  and  started 4-year project for  exchange  of  information  and good  practices of  coping  with Cyberbullying.


 19.10.2008. The last training of mediators ended with great success.


01.10. 2008  On the 25 and 26 of September 2008 in the town of Bourgas the  “Days of Mediation” took  place. The purpose of the initiative was to  promote  this new  extremely efficient   method for alternative dispute resolution. In the schedule of  the  forum Bulgarian-German conference, professional meetings and discussions,  information campaign and promotional mediation services were included.

The “Days of Mediation” in Bourgas were organized by the National Association of Mediators in collaboration with the Institute for Conflict Resolution, the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation, the Union  of the Jurists in Bulgaria – the section of Bourgas, the Regional Advisory Centre for Mediation – Bourgas, with the kind cooperation of Municipality of Bourgas,  and were a  part of the campaign for the implementation of mediation in compliance with  the instruments  of the European Union, the Council of Europe  and the UN.

During the “Days of Mediation” in Bourgas representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Judiciary, the Bar Association, non-governmental organizations, practicing mediators, scientists from all over the country and abroad took part. The participants were cordially welcome by the Mayor of Bourgas Mr.Dimitar Nikolov, the regional governor Mr. Lyubomir Panteleev, the MP  of  the  European Parliament Mrs. Rumyana Jeleva and Mr. Valery Parvanov – Vice-General Prosecutor. A special guest to the forum was Associate Professor Dr Gabriela Belova – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and History of  SWU “N. Rilski” – one of the first faculties in the country that had introduced the study of the discipline Alternative Dispute Resolution. Associate Professor Belova encouraged further efforts for the implementation of mediation. Mr. Yossif Geron – President of NAM – made an extensive review of the actual state of affairs of mediation in Bulgaria. Associate Professor Dr Dobrinka Chankova – Chair of the  ICR and Vice - President of the National Association of Mediators, introduced the concept and the draft law  for introduction  of mediation in criminal matters, developed by a  working group affiliated to the  NAM, and submitted to the Ministry of Justice. There were also held other specialized reports. A movie on  mediation skills was presented. The centers for mediation in the country informed the  participants about  their activities. Mr. George Bakalov-  Vice-Chair  of   the ICR - informed all those present about the various activities of the Institute. The German legal regulation and good practices of mediation in criminal matters were presented by Mr. Gerd Delattre – Leader of TOA – Servicebureau, Cologne, Germany and Mrs.Astrid Achtenberg, Legal Assistance for Youngsters, Miesbach, Germany.

During the forum the first honorary badges of the National Association of Mediators were handed. Badges  have been awarded to: Prof. Dr.Margarita Chinova, a honorary  fellow  of  the ICR, for her contribution to the implementation of mediation in Bulgaria; Mr. Zhivko Panayotov – Director of the Regional Advisory Centre for Mediation – Bourgas and a member of the ICR – for his active mediator’s work and his efforts for the development of mediation in the region of Bourgas, and to the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation – for their support for promotion of mediation in Bulgaria.

The event was well attended and largely  covered by  the local and central televisions, Internet and  the local and central press.


See  our Photo gallery



22.09.2008   A special  issue  of  Legal Tribune Journal (N 1, 2008) with  the  proceedings  of the  Workshop  and  Round  table  discussion on  Mediation in  Penal  Matters (December 2007) was published.


2.06. 2008 DIRECTIVE 2008/52/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 May 2008 on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters  has been published in  the Official  Journal of the  European Union. See  the  full text.


27.05.2008  The  findings  of  the  ICR  survey about    the  applicability of  VOM  according  to  the  victims  were  published  in  Society  and  Law Journal, 2008,  vol.5.


25.05.2008  The  latest Mediators  training was a great  success.


22.05.2008  Bulgarian-German Mediation Conference  was held   in  Sofia on  20-21 May 2008. /See details in Conferences section/


22.04. 2008  At the  General Meeting  of  the  National  Association of Mediators  George Bakalov -   deputy  chair  of  the  ICR was elected a  member  of  the  Ethical Commission,  and  Dobrinka  Chankova -  a deputy  chair  of  the NAM.


17-19. 04. 2008  The  Fifth European Forum for Restorative Justice Conference “Building     Restorative  Justice  in Europe” took  place in  Verona,  Italy. Dobrinka  Chankova participated  with a  paper “Teaching  Restorative  Justice in the Universities and  Beyond”.


16.04. 2008   The  ICR  Chair  Assoc.  Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova has been  awarded  the  Badge of Honor of the  Union of Bulgarian  Jurists  for high professional  achievements.


5.03.2008  The  first  transnational  meeting of TIN  project was held   in  Sofia on 3rd  and  4th   March 2008. /See details in Projects section/


11.02.2008 Mediators  training,  organized in  collaboration  with  The Union  of  Bulgarian  Jurists,  was a great  success.


1.02.2008  In  February issue 2008 of  Legal  World journal information  about  the  outcomes of the Workshop and the Round  table discussion on perspectives of  mediation in penal  matters,  held in  Sofia  on  13-14 December 2007,  was published.

See  the  full  text  of the  article. 1 &  2


7.01. 2008 In  Law and Society  Journal, No 10 2007, the  findings of ICR survey  on the  applicability  of mediation  in  penal  matters  according  to the offenders were  published.


25.12.2007  See  the  review of  Assoc. Prof.  Dr. D.  Chankova “New Restorative Justice Models in Europe: Results of a Survey”,   conducted  in  the  frameworks  of COST Action A21.


20.12.2007  The Workshop and  the Round  table discussion on perspectives of  mediation in penal  matters  held in  Sofia  on  13-14 December 2007  were a  great success! /See details in Conferences section/


25.11.2007 Workshop and Round  table discussion on perspectives of  mediation in penal  matters,  Sofia, 13-14 December 2007

The events  are being organized by  the National Association  of Mediators, jointly with  TAIEX Office of  the European Commission,  the Union of Bulgarian Jurists and the Institute of  Conflict Resolution  and are a part  of  the campaign for restorative justice and victim-offender  mediation promotion.

See  the Agenda


22.11. 2007  The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  celebrated  the International  Restorative Justice Week (18-25 November)  with a  lecture in   the  Institute of Postgraduate studies - Sofia.


5.11.2007 Announcement  for Training  of  Mediators

For  more details call +359 2 9758032 or send  e-mail to


25.10.2007 The Institute of  Conflict Resolution is approved  by  the  Ministry of  Justice to  train  mediators!!!


24.10.2007   Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Chankova- chair  of  ICR made presentation about  COST Action A21 at the National  COST Conference in the city  of Bansko.


18.10.2007 The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  celebrated  the International Conflict Resolution Day  with a  lecture in the  Institute of Postgraduate studies - Sofia.


05.10.2007 The  5th European Forum for  Restorative Justice Conference “Building Restorative  Justice in Europe”  will take  place  in Verona, Italy,  from 17  till 19  April 2008. For  more  details  see


20.09.2007 The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  took  part  in  a  public discussion  about   the Action  Plan  for  implementation  of  the  European Commission recommendations (Benchmarks)


08.08. 2007 The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  has launched  a  survey about  applicability  of Victim-Offender  Mediation among  interested  groups.


20.07.2007   The  new Civil  Procedure  Code  where  mediation finds its  due  place was promulgated.


25.06.2007 The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  representatives took  part  in  mediation training in Varna.


18.06.2007 The  National Association  of  Mediators in  Bulgaria, whose  co-founder  is the Institute of Conflict  Resolution, adopted a  Strategy  and launched  a campaign   for  introducing  of    mediation in  penal matters in  Bulgarian justice  system.


24.05. 2007 The  ICR  Chair Assoc.Prof. Dr.  Dobrinka Chankova took part  in the  conference “Young  People in Eastern Europe and Central Asia:  From Policy  to Action”, organized in Rome, Italy,  by the World Bank. The  results of VISTA Project  have been  presented.


27.03.2007. A  new  soft law act on  the  application  of  Mediation Act has  been  issued  by the  Ministry of  Justice.

More  soon!


14.12.2006  During  the  seminar “Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation in Europe: Overcoming  Obstacles  and  Strengthening of  Networking”, held in Helsinki  on 11  and 12 December 2006 under the  auspices  of Finnish Presidency of  the EU, Assoc. Prof. Dr.  D. Chankova proposed  the  next  year  or decade  to  be proclaimed  as Restorative Justice Year  or  Decade,  according to  the  UN  practice,  in  order  to accelerate RJ  developments in  compliance  with the UN, EU  and Council  of  Europe instruments. The  proposal  was very well  received  and  relevant  measures  for its   accomplishment were  undertaken.


27. 11.2006 Final COST Action A21 Conference  “Restorative  Justice Research  in  Europe: Outcomes  and  Challenges ”, 22-24 November 2006, Warsaw,  was held with  a  great  success  and  active  Bulgarian  involvement.


14.11.2006  Long-waited Handbook of Restorative Justice, ed. by  G. Johnstone   and D.Van Ness, with a  contribution of  Prof. Dobrinka Chankova,   has been  published by  Willan Publishing. 


24.10.2006  Amendments  to  Mediation Act  have been promulgated. See the  whole  text.


5.10.2006  Final Conference  in  the  frameworks of  COST  Action  A21 “Restorative  justice developments  in  Europe”  will  take  place from 22 till 24 November 2006  in Warsaw. See the  conference  announcement!


30.09.2006  VISTA Project  ended. The  Manual  developed  was translated  into  Bulgarian.  More information soon.


21.06.2006   New  Recommendation  /2006/ 8 of the  Committee of  Ministers of the Council of Europe   on assistance to  crime victims  promotes victim-offender  mediation.

See the  text.


5-7.06. 2006  In  Cumberland  Lodge, UK, the  final  meeting  in  the  frameworks  of VISTA Project  took place.


10.04.2006  The  Institute of Conflict  Resolution  launched a promotion  of mediation  as  a    dispute  resolution method  in 153rd Secondary  School “N. Rilski” in  Sofia. The  mediation  procedure  was demonstrated.  The promotion is  a part of Mediation Days in Sofia, 27 March- 14 April 2006. 


03.04.2006  The   Institute of Conflict  Resolution,  jointly  with New Bulgarian University- Sofia,  organized  a   workshop on Mediation as  a  new opportunity  for  students.  The workshop is  a part of Mediation Days in Sofia, 27 March-14 April 2006. 


27.03.2006 Mediation Days in  Sofia were opened. See Mediation Days Program


1-5.03.2006  ICR members  Emilia Staninska, Grigor Vladimirov and Dobrinka Chankova took  part  in the COST A21 meetings and workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel.


19.02.2006 On  the  occasion  of  Mediation  Days in Sofia the  Institute  of  Conflict  Resolution  announces  a  student’s  essay  competition  on  the  theme: Mediation- new  culture  for  conflict  resolution. The  essays  should be sent  to  the  Institute’s  address The  winners will  be  announced  in April 2006.


8-10.02.2006  The  regular  working  meeting in the  framework of VISTA Project took place in  the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. From  the  Bulgarian side   the participants  were  Assoc.  Prof. Dr. Dobrinka Chankova  and  Tanya  Poshtova.

14.01. 2006  AGIS Project Final  Report Conclusions  and Recommendations were  sent to  the  Ministry  of  Justice.


09.01.2006  Dobrinka Chankova-  Chair  of the  Institute and Georgi  Bakalov -  Program Director took part in  the Radio  New  Europe Broadcast ‘Open  Trial’.  They informed  the audience about recent developments of  mediation theory,  legislation and practice.


19.12.2005  Institute of Conflict Resolution joined Commercial Law Reform Program’s initiative  to  organize  Mediation Days in Sofia.  More information soon.


09.11.2005  Dobrinka  Chankova took  part  in the  pilot  training of  school  teachers  and  staff in the  framework of VISTA project in Stavanger,  Norway.


07.10 2005    National Association of Mediators as an umbrella organization of  all Bulgarian  NGOs  working  in  mediation  field   was established in  Sofia. The Institute  of  Conflict Resolution  is  one  of the  founders.  Dobrinka Chankova was elected as  a  Board member.


29.09-01.10.2005  Final  AGIS  Seminar was held  in Sofia with  great  success. Deputy-Minister Sabrie  Sapundjieva opened  the seminar. More than 60  participants  from 20  European countries took part  in the  seminar.


12.09.2005  An  article  with results of the survey  on  applicability  of  victim-offender  mediation  in  Bulgaria was published  in daily newspaper “Trud”.


02.09.2005  The  results of the survey  on  applicability  of  victim-offender  mediation  in  Bulgaria   together  with proposals de lege  ferenda were  sent to the  Parliament  and  to the  Minister  of  Justice.


10.07.2005 A  survey  on applicability  of  victim-offender  mediation  in  Bulgaria  was  launched,  jointly with New  Bulgarian University  and  South West  University-Blagoevgrad. The  opinion of  100  magistrates,  public  prosecutors, investigating  magistrates  and  lawyers  from Sofia,  Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad  and Varna  will  be explored.. 


17.06.2005 The Training Standards for Mediators, Procedural and Ethical Rules  of Conduct for  Mediators  and Rules Pertaining to  the Unified Register of  Mediators have been  endorsed  by  the  Minister of  Justice.


03-05.03.2005 VISTA meeting took part in Sofia Park-Hotel Vitosha.


17.12.2004 Mediation Act was promulgated in State  Gazette!


02.12.2004 Mediation Act was adopted by  the  Parliament.




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