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Publications  of Prof. Dr Dobrinka Chankova




Organization of Forensic Expert Investigations in  Bulgaria  (in co-authorship  with Tsekov, T. et al.) Sofia, 1994


Investigation of Perjury, Sofia, 1995


A Century of the Criminal  Code and  Current  Issues    of  Criminal  Legislation  1896-1996 (co-editor,  with L. Kornezov and S. Margaritova),  Sofia, 1996


Manual for the Local Elections Supervisor (editor), Sofia, 2000


Human Rights and Their Protection, Compendium of International Acts (editor), Sofia, 2001


Victim-Offender  Mediation, Sofia, 2002      


School Bullying and Violence: Taking Action. A Resource for Practitioners and Policy Makers and All Those Working with Children and Young People Affected by School Violence,; in co-authorship with Cowie, H. & Jennifer, D. (UK), Poshtova, T. (Bulgaria), Deklerck, J. & Deboutte, G. (Belgium), Ertesvåg, S. K. & Samuelsen, A. S. (Norway), O'Moore, M. & Minton, S. J. (Ireland) and Ortega, R. & Sanchez, V. (Spain): 2006


 Manual for Education  of Pedagogical Staff for School Violence  Prevention ( V. 1, 2 And 3 ) (co-editor  with G.  Bakalov and  E.  Georgieva),  Social Fund- Pazardjik, 2008


Convention  for the Protection of  Human Rights  and  Fundamental Freedoms: Study  Manual, (Editor), Sofia, 2005 (2nd Ed., 2009)


Restorative Justice. A  Comparative Analysis, Avangard Prima  Publishing, 2011


Mediation. Training Manual - basic course (in co-authorship), Sofia, 2012, second  ed. 2013


Contributions to Books


Criminological  Characteristics  of Crimes Committed  by Minors’, in: Proceedings  of the First National Congress on Forensic Sciences, Sofia, 1991


‘Criminal  Legislation Reform  from the  Magistrate’s Point  of  View ‘ (in co-authorship  with Margaritova, S.) in: L. Kornezov, S. Margaritova and D. Chankova (eds.)  A Century of the  Criminal  Code and  Current  Issues    of  Criminal  Legislation  1896-1996,  Sofia, 1996


‘Mediation as an Innovation in Criminal Procedure’, in: L. Kornezov, S. Margaritova and D. Chankova (eds.)  A Century  of the Criminal  Code and  Current  Issues  of  Criminal  Legislation  1896-1996,  Sofia, 1996


‘Problems of International Co-operation in the Field  of  Computerization of Criminal Justice’, in: R. Scherpenzeel (ed.) Computerization in the Management of the Criminal Justice System,  Helsinki/The Hague, 1996 (in English)


‘The European Agreement for Association to the EU and the Approximation of the Bulgarian Legislation in the Field of Mutual Recognition of Diplomas and Professional Qualification-‘in:  Eurointegration: Mutual Recognition of Diplomas and Professional Qualification, Sofia, 1998


Erfolge, Gegenwärtige Probleme und Perspektiven der Mediation in Bulgarien‘- in: P. Geissler and K.Ruckert (eds.) Mediation – Die Neue Streitkultur,  Psychosozial-Verlag, Geissen, 2000 (In German)


‘Local Elections Technology in the Context of  Amendments to the Local Elections Act‘, in: D. Chankova (ed.) Manual for the Local Elections Supervisor, Sofia, 2000


‘Short Accounts of 8 Jurisdictions. 2.Bulgaria’, in: D. Miers & J.Willemsens (eds.) Mapping  Restorative Justice. Developments in 25 European Countries., ed. for the European Forum for Victim-Offender  Mediation and Restorative Justice, 2004 (in English)


‘State of Affairs of Restorative Justice  in Eleven Central and  Eastern European  Countries. 2. Bulgaria’, in: B. Fellegi (ed.).Meeting the Challenges of  Introducing Victim-Offender Mediation in  Central and Eastern Europe,  Final Report of  the European Union AGIS Project JAI/2003/AGIS/088, 2005  (in English)


‘Regional Reviews, Section  G: Themes‘ (with  Van Ness, D.), in: G. Johnstone.& D. Van Ness (eds.) Handbook of Restorative Justice, Willan Publishing, 2007 (in English)


Teaching restorative justice in universities and beyond’, paper presented at the Fifth conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice ‘Building restorative justice in Europe: cooperation between the public, policy makers, practitioners and researchers’, Verona, Italy,17-19 April 2008, published: (in English)


‘Recent  Developments in Policies Related  to  Crime  Victims  in Bulgaria’. Paper presented  during  the 13th  International  Symposium of  Victimology, August 23-28, 2009, Mito,  Japan,  abstract  published in  the  Program  and Book  of  Abstracts, 2009 (in English)


‘Bulgaria on the Road to Victim-Offender Mediation and  Restorative Justice for  Juveniles’, in: Lois, J. and  Vazquez,M. (ed.) Good  practices of  Restorative Juvenile  Justice,  Consensus Project, Xunta de Galicia,2010 (in English)


‘Mediation: The Case of Bulgaria’, in Dussich, J. and  Schellenberg, J. (eds.) The Promise of Restorative Justice. New Approaches for  Criminal Justice  and Beyond, Boulder/London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2010 (in English)


Bulgaria on the Road to Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation’ (with Staninska, E ) in Miers, D. and Aertsen, I.(eds) Regulating Restorative Justice. A  comparative study of legislative provisions in European countries,  Frankfurt am Main, Verlag fur Polizeiwissenschaft, 2012, (in English)


“Restorative Justice in Bulgaria”, In: Pitsela, A.  and Symeonidou-Kastanidou (Eds.) Restorative Justice in Criminal  Matters: Towards a New European Perspective. Comparative Research in 11 Countries, Sakkloulas Publications: Athens -Thessaloniki, 2013, p. 23-43


«Who is Afraid of Restorative Justice In: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Pitsela, A.  and Symeonidou-Kastanidou (Eds.)  Restorative Justice in Criminal  Matters: Towards a New European Perspective. International Conference, 16-17 May 2013, Thessaloniki, Greece, Sakkloulas Publications: Athens-Thessaloniki, 2013, p..277-280


“Restorative Justice - a Revival of Customary Law in Support  of Crime Victims”, Bobchev’s Readings: Law Science in  Honor  of Prof. Stefan Bobchev,  University  of  National  and World  Economy, Sofia, 2014


“Restorative Justice - a New Type  of  Criminal  Justice in Europe, Focused  on  the Victim of  the Crime” , European Prospects for  the  Development  of Criminal  Legislation”, Collection  of the  Reports of a scientific conference organized by the Department of Criminal Law Sciences of  the Law  Faculty of  Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski” held in Sofia on 27 January 2014, Sofia University Publishing house, 2014


Restorative  Justice Potential in Bulgaria”, Festschrift for 85th  anniversary of Prof. Dr Dobri Dimitrov, Sofia University Publishing house, 2014


“Distance  Education in  Alternative Dispute Resolution - a successful  experiment“, in: Electronic forms of  teaching  in  the  university education, Blagoevgrad,  2014


"More justice for crime victims in Bulgaria", in Gavrielides, T. (ed.)  A victim-led criminal justice system: Addressing the  paradox , London, 2014


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"Country reports: 5. Bulgaria , Restorative Justice and Mediation in Penal Matters: A stock-taking of legal issues, implementation strategies and outcomes in 36 European countries, ed. by Dünkel, F., Grzywa-Holten, J. and Horsfield, P., 2015 г.:117-141.


“Towards  Enhanced Protection of Crime Victims”, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference: ”UN:  Historical Traditions  and Contemporary  Law”, 2-3 October 2015, University Press “N. Rilski”, 2015, p. 259-263


10  years Mediation  Act  or about  the  Optimism”, Compendium in  honor  of  the  Founder  of the Department  “Rhetoric” prof. Vasil Ivanov, University Publishing House - Shumen, 2016, 136-144


“Security and Human Rights: Contradictory or Reconcilable Paradigms? State of Affairs in Bulgaria” (In co-authorship  with  G.Georgieva), International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION,  De  Gguyter Open,Vol. XXII,  Conference Proceedings No 2,   Nicolae  Balcesku Land  Force Academy Publishing House, 2016, 83-88


“Hard Times for  Restorative Justice in Bulgaria”, Volume in Honour  of Prof. Nestor Courakis,  under press



Journal articles


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www.revistalatrama. (in Spanish)


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“Our Erasmus” or How to Overcome the Imbalance Between Potential and Results”, ERACON 2015 Conference proceedings, Porto, 2015 /in co-authorship  with G. Belova - Ganeva, G.Georgieva and  Ralitsa Voynova /


THE NEW PROGRAMME ERASMUS + AND SWU'S PARTICIPATION Law, Politics, Administration, 2015, № 3, / /in co-authorship  with Prof.Dr. Gabriela Belova, Ass.Prof. Dr. Gergana Georgieva, Ralitsa Voynova, PhD Candidate and Radoslava Kirova


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New Restorative Justice Instruments Towards Youth Crime In Norway”,  International  Perspectives in  Victimology, (forthcoming)  



Book Reviews


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For a Descriptive Jurisprudence or  an Entirely New View   to  Judicial Professions”, Law  Thought, 2015, N


Publications of Ralitsa Voynova, PhD


“Transfer of Criminal  Proceedings according to the Bulgarian Criminal  Procedural Code” –  electronic journal "Law, Politics, Administration", issue 1/2014-, Faculty of Law and History, South-West University "N.Rilsky", Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.


“Art and Youth at risk - Bulgarian experience” - co-authored with Georgi Bakalov, Institute for Conflict Resolution – Sofia, part of a team work on an International project “ARS” /2011-2013/, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria/, in a book: “Youth at risk - Art, Creativity and Integration”, Spain, 2014, the full text is available on:


Transfer of criminal proceedings in European legislation” – Journal of  Karaganda State University "Acad. E. Buketov", Kazakhstan, Series «Law», № 4(76)2014, ISSN 0142 - 0843, pp. 68-75.


Comparison of  the Transfer of Criminal Proceeding with Other Forms of  International Legal Cooperation in Criminal Matters“, in an indexed of Thomson Reuters scientific collectionThe complex physiognomy of  the  International  security  environment /ISBN 978 -973 -153-215-8/, Land Forces Academy ”Nicolae Balchesku", Sibiu, Romania, 2015, pp. 178-186.


Publications of  Elina Popova


“European Commission’s Initiatives on Damages Actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules”, Proceedings of International Scientific  Conference “Law, Management and Media in the XXI century”,  Blagoevgrad, 2012, pp.190-197 (in Bulgarian)


“Towards more effective compensations for antitrust damages actions of the infringements of the EU competition rules”, Electronic Journal “Law, Politics, Administration”, ISSN: 2367-4601, Vol. 1, №4, 2014, (in Bulgarian)


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“Mediation in Resolving Conflicts between Chimeric School Groups – A Restorative Practice in School” (in  co-authorship with Chankova, D. and  Tsankov, N.), Chemistry: Bulgarian Journal of Science Education, Vol. 25, No 2, pp. 167-175 (in English)


Publications of  George  Bakalov


“La Mediacion En Bulgaria (with  Chankova, D.)  La Trama, 2006, No 19, www.revistalatrama. (in Spanish)


“Art and Youth at risk - Bulgarian experience" - co-authored with Ralitsa Voynova, Institute for Conflict Resolution – Sofia, part of a team work on an International project “ARS” /2011-2013/, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria/, in a book: “Youth at risk - Art, Creativity and Integration”, Spain, 2014, the full text is available on:


Publications of  Eleonora  Georgieva


“Is Mediation Applicable  in Victim-Offender Relationships? The  View of the Offenders” (with Chankova, D.) Society and Law, 2007, No 10


 Applicability  of Victim-Offender Mediation /The Victim’s View/” ( with Chankova, D.) Society and Law, 2008, No 5


Publications  of  G. Vladimirov

A chance to save nerves, time and money, Pari, N 45/2002
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About the spirit of the laws or the other point of view, Pari, 10.03.2003
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Probation- its time came
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