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The Institute of Conflict Resolution /ICR/ - Sofia is an association of lawyers, researchers and university professors. The ICR was founded in 2000 to help establish new forms of conflict resolution as a legitimate part of the Bulgarian legal system. It follows a number of objectives, including:

- protection of  human rights, in  particular rights  of  the  child, crime victims, refugees,  migrants  and  other  vulnerable  groups;

- monitoring on  legislation and  administrative  and  judicial practices related to  human rights  protection;

- promotion of  Mediation, Restorative Justice  and Restorative Practices;

- establishment  of new  models  of juvenile  and  child-friendly  justice;

- strengthening of  civil society  and counteraction to  crime and  all forms of  violence;

- promotion of  European  integration  and  solidarity;

- the exploration of creative conflict resolution methods;

- the promotion of action for change;

- the practice of new skills and techniques like mediation, negotiation and other non-violent methods;

- the stimulation of dialogue among practitioners, policy-makers and researchers about innovative methods of conflict resolution, promotion of the development of effective restorative justice policies, services and legislation in Bulgaria.

ICR does research on new forms of conflict resolution; disseminates information about restorative justice among all interested groups; supports public education aimed at increasing awareness about issues for victims, offenders and the community; promotes exchange of ideas and mutual help.

- developing of  democracy

The Founders of the Institute (2000)


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A working moment in the Institute

Participants in  the  Final AGIS Seminar, Sofia, 29 September-1 October 2005


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